James writes that we are to be doers of God’s Word, not just hearers. Head knowledge apart from heart application can result in pride and a calloused or hard heart. By failing to apply God’s truth, we are building our lives upon sand and not rock. Continued refusal to apply God’s truth has devastating results. It even effects a person’s countenance!

God’s purpose for our life is to bless, not destroy. But, in one sense, whether or not we are blessed depends upon our response to His truth. An obedient response will produce a softer heart and more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, whereas a disobedient or careless response will actually harden our heart.

Obedience and revelation go hand in hand. Disobedience and destruction also go hand in hand. Hardness of heart breaks up homes. Hardness of heart grieves Jesus. Hardness of heart fails to “see” the purposes of the Lord in operation.

Lest we be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, may God make our hearts soft and tender to God’s truth and love.