A quality that should mark every Christian is holiness. Unlike the deceived Pharisee in the temple who thought he was holy because he observed religious duties, true holiness is the fruit of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, have you ever heard the saying, “Like father, like son”? Well, essentially Scripture says the same thing.

We are called to be holy, just like our heavenly Father. To be holy, we must experience a close encounter of the best kind. It’s that recognition deep within that being in the Lord’s presence is holy territory, just like Moses heard God tell him.

God declares that every saved person is a member of a holy priesthood. This means that we have been set apart by God to have a relationship with Him and with fellow Christians, and to carry the message of salvation into the world.

In order to be the holy man of God that is required of me, I must daily present myself to the Lord for His purpose. My body is now His holy temple. Like any other temple, there are holy features that are proof that we are “God’s property”. Also, we need the “fuel” of prayer to build a holy faith within us.

Holiness, saints, is a verb. It’s not an obligation, but the overflow of your relationship with Jesus. So, to become holy, pursue Christ. Draw near to Him. Keep yourself pure. Then your life will exhibit holiness. Holiness exhorts others. Holiness restores others. Holiness prefers others. When we let the mind of Christ work in us, holiness will be the result.