To have access to God means that you and I have the ability to communicate or approach the Lord at will. Jesus Christ has made God the Father accessible. Each and every child of God is now able to have personal fellowship with the Lord.

We can bring all of our prayers and needs to Him. We can bring all of our praise and thanks to Him. We can spend all of our day with Him.

There is an open door to the throne of grace. There is access to the wisdom and power of God. No longer do we need to rely upon our own mortal resources, for our God shall supply all of our need, “according to His riches in glory through Jesus Christ.” (Phil 4:19)

Jesus is the “PIN number” that unlocks the treasures of heaven to us. This access is not to be interpreted in a carnal way. This access is for the purpose of getting to know Jesus more, and in order to understand His will and purposes in my life. This access is for our benefit and the glory of God — and not in that order!

May we draw near to the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart, saints.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your incredible grace that has made access to God a living reality!