I find it interesting when fellow Christians discuss worship, particularly when they say that they prefer hymns of old instead of contemporary worship songs. I too love the old hymns, but I also love the new hymns.

You see, “old” hymns like “Amazing Grace,” “A Mighty Fortress,” or “For a Thousand Tongues To Sing,” were at one time in Church history equivalent to “God of Wonders,” “Jesus, Lord of Heaven,” etc.

Saints, a hymn is simply a song about HIM! Be it soft, be it loud, be it acapella, or with one instrument or an entire worship band, a hymn is about HIM!

The important thing about worship as far as we are concerned is a worshipful life based on the Spirit and Truth. “Sing to Him a new song” is what hymns are all about, and if we are not worshipping Him in our marriages, at work, at school, alone with the television or head-phones on listening to music or surfing the net, then any hymnal, old or new, is hypocritical.

True worship is a matter of the heart. So don’t be the worship police; be a worshipper!