Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary was the supreme act of love in human history. We perceive the love of God in the act of Jesus laying down His life for us. It was by that act of love that He washed away our sins with His blood. Christ’s mission was “to give His life as a ransom for many.” No greater act of love could ever be performed.

The purpose of Jesus “becoming poor” was so that we “through His poverty might become rich.” The bread and cup of communion are a reminder of what Jesus did to remove the debt of our sin6 and our bondage to sin. We reverently remember our glorious Lord Jesus today. We also celebrate His power that delivers us from the corruption of this present evil age.

His death gives me life, and through His cross I now live. The ransom of Jesus provides for the human race complete deliverance! We are saved “to the uttermost” through Jesus Christ. His one sacrifice of love is the power of God unto salvation.

Jesus indeed is worthy to be praised for He has done wondrous things!