The Bible tells us that God gives to His beloved sleep. It is a great source of peace to know that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we can be assured of His protection while we are asleep. Because Christ doesn’t sleep, He will watch over our households.

How important it is for us to have that physical sleep after a long day! But before we move on let me state that our need for physical sleep should never be confused with laziness. God warns us about loving sleep, lest poverty strike us. This ‘curse’ of loving sleep holds true in the spiritual realm as well. How we need to wake up in light of the times in which we live.

Awake to praise the Lord, family!

It is amazing what glorious things we can miss because of spiritual slumber!

Saints, awake to righteousness. Do not be fooled by the world’s bread of deceit. This is no time to be snoozing spiritually!

Sleep well tonight, but wake up fighting!