Matthew 28:18-20 is called ‘The Great Commission’. It’s a command given to Christ’s disciples to proclaim His gospel to every creature and then teach them how to walk with Jesus. This mandate is not merely a good idea or just a wonderful suggestion, but it is a commandment. However, human nature tends to be a bit passive regarding this command.

Since winning souls is wise, I wonder just how wise we are in this matter? Jesus said that the field of human souls is white and ready to be harvested. Wherever there are people, there is a potential harvest. Evidently, even the outpouring of God’s Spirit wasn’t ‘enough’ to get the church outside of Jerusalem, for it is not until Acts 8 that the gospel moves to the regions beyond Jerusalem.

Persecution scattered Christ’s followers to spread the gospel! I’m not suggesting that only persecution can initiate us to spread the gospel, but I’m suggesting to you that we need to be stirred up in sharing the gospel with the lost. God doesn’t take our lame, but often ‘justified’ excuses very well. Nor does He accept excuses people make for rejecting His gospel.

As I see Scripture, we are to go unless the Lord says “No!”, or simply closes a door.

May the Lord open each of our hearts, eyes, and ears to redeem every opportunity to share our faith, leaving the results to God alone. May the words of Isaiah be written upon the tables of our heart today, “Here am I! Send me.”