Father Abraham was given this simple command about his relationship with his pagan environment, “Get Out”. In the Book of Revelation John heard a voice from heaven addressing God’s people regarding their relationship with the whorish religious system, and the command was, “Come Out”. These two commands speak of consecration unto the Lord. Just like Israel was called to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, so too is the church.

When Moses writes concerning the priesthood, he states the purpose of being consecrated was “that he may minister unto Me in the priest’s office”. How simple God’s ways are. The entire redemptive plan is a purchase, the price being the Holy Lamb Jesus, that we might be delivered from darkness and called into a living, loving fellowship with Christ.

Our call is to minister to Jesus that He might minister through us. Salvation is not only escape from the fires and torments of hell, it is also being saved from sin’s dominion that we might be separate, not entangled in the snares of the world. To “Get Out” and Come Out” precedes entering in the narrow gate. We enter in through Jesus that we might be totally separated unto God. The only alternative of consecration is confusion.

Like Abraham, we have been called out that we might enter in. Rip up that return address to the world if you are a new creature in Christ. It’s later than you think!