The Lord God declared to Israel that He had formed them and redeemed them. We too, as born-again followers of Jesus Christ, have been both fearfully and wonderfully created and recreated in Christ Jesus.

Our Lord calls us by name, just like when Jesus spoke to Mary near the garden tomb. He is so deeply interested in our lives and so protective of us. In fact, He possessively declared, You are Mine. The prophet Malachi speaks about those who feared the Lord and thought upon His Name. ‘They shall be Mine,’ says the Lord.

What a precious truth to tuck away in the depths of our hearts! We, you and I, belong to Jesus Christ. We are His precious bride, and He is our Bridegroom. The Lord indeed knows personally, intimately and with detail those that are His. He knows your needs, your limitations, your grief. He also knows your iniquity that robs you of joy and peace, and that’s why the second half of Timothy : states that we should depart from the iniquity.

No book of the Bible more beautifully sets forth this loving relationship between the bridegroom and his bride than the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs). Ironically, this book follows Ecclesiastes, where the phrase vanity of vanities refers to life under the sun in contrast to the Song of Solomon’s depiction of life in the Son. The Song is a wonderful melody of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, expressing the ups and downs, trials and joys. Despite the challenges in the relationship, the love that exists is never in doubt. I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.

Does Jesus Christ have the love of your heart, soul, mind, and strength? Be secure in God’s love or you will never be secure in anyone or anything else. His love never fails. Let those words of Jesus, You are Mine minister to you today. It’s the only theology you need to know when the floods and fires of life come.