Our devotional title is taken from a verse in John’s gospel. Actually, the entire verse needs to be read in its immediate context (as always) to get the full idea of our meditation for today.

Jesus is cleansing the temple of God from its commercialism. In response to this act, the Jews asked Him essentially, “Who gave You the authority to do these things? Show us a sign.” Notice carefully, Jesus said that His resurrection would be the sign they were to look for. In other words, He was going to show them in the future what He was doing right now.

When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet He told them that what He was doing then they would not understand until the future. Many times in our walk with Jesus we find ourselves perplexed by the providence of the present. Of course we know, even if it’s only in our heads, that God is at work for those who love Him. But we still find ourselves looking for clues or reasons for what’s going on. Sometimes the Lord answers us immediately. Sometimes we must, through faith and patience, wait until He reveals His reasoning for the situation.

You see, providence is indeed for many of us a mystery. However, the One who controls providence is Abba, Father. Satan capitalizes on these opportunities. He develops thoughts about past sin and punishment, fear and torment. The accuser of the Church has a mental and emotional field day during those times when “God is silent” but the alarm is ringing! How can you and I withstand the attack and resist the temptation to take matters into our own hands?

Three things to remember: First, nothing enters our lives but that it first clears Headquarters. Everything is “Father-filtered”. Secondly, God is love. There will be revealed in the future a loving reason for this situation, and it may be that God’s love is bringing someone else to salvation through your suffering, reflecting how your salvation was accomplished through Jesus’ suffering. Lastly, God is faithful. In eternity for sure, and perhaps even in this life, He will reveal to you and me why He is doing these things. Only He sees the whole picture.