One of the sweetest episodes in the life of Jesus is found in His encounter with the woman who was bound by a hemorrhaging problem for twelve years. Can you imagine how horrible this poor woman must have felt in her culture? That physical condition would isolate her and forbid her entrance and participation in the congregational worship of God. Rejected by the religious community and financially bankrupt having spent all of her money on doctor bills, she had no other place to turn but to Jesus Christ. In the middle of a large crowd she knew that if she could only touch the Messiah, she could be made whole.

An amazing question is then asked by Jesus: ‘Who touched Me?’ How do you picture Jesus speaking these words? Do you think He was scowling in irritation? Did He yell with disgust? Do you suppose He was thinking: ‘Great! My ministry is about to skyrocket, and now this unclean woman comes along and blows it for Me, for everyone knows how sinful she must be!’?

Oh the compassion of Jesus! He graciously gives this woman the opportunity to identify herself with Him before a large crowd. This woman, formerly considered by others as trash, is now the Lord’s treasure! Not only did this woman’s faith in Jesus grant her a physical healing, it also started her down a path of virtue.

Who can find a virtuous woman? I’ll tell you where you’ll find virtue. Anywhere a woman is touching the heart of Jesus Christ, you will find virtue. This virtue will be evident to all. Ruth, no doubt, was that crown to her husband Boaz. However, any woman who has touched Jesus, regardless of her age or marital status, because of her abiding in Him, will export that precious jewel of virtue. The virtuous woman has both her home and her heart properly prioritized. Virtuous women develop virtuous thinking.

Dear sisters, God’s call for you is to glory and virtue. Today, as we men tip our hats to you, we thank you for how each of you has added virtue to your faith. We are so glad that you have touched Jesus and, in turn, have touched us.