Almost one-third of the books in the Bible mention a yoke and often the reference is figurative or symbolic, necessitating the knowledge that a literal yoke is a wooden frame, fitted across the neck of two animals, that joins them together.

Man, by birth, is yoked to this fallen world system.  This system is symbolized by the nation of Egypt in the Old Testament.  Please observe that in the verse just quoted, God declares that fallen man is by nature a bondsman, or slave, to Egypt.  The only way that we can become “unyoked” from the world is by coming to Jesus Christ and taking His yoke upon us.

The Lord invites us to become joined with Him and receive the blessings of His kingdom.  However, when we make foolish choices and compromises with the world, we often find ourselves yoked to it again with the result being spiritual hunger, thirst and emptiness.  That is not the normal Christian walk.  We are not called to flip-flop between two kingdoms!  We are to wear either the yoke of the world, which is death, or the yoke of Christ, which is life,.

Whatever is our passion in life becomes our yoke.  Some people are yoked to sports, others to music.  “Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God” is a yoke indicating that you and I are in the last days.  Beware because a legalist will try to yoke you to commandments of men, while a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” will  attempt to yoke you to doctrines of devils and seducing spirits.

What can remove and destroy these various yokes?  The anointing of God’s Spirit.  God’s Spirit teaches us His word which, when received with meekness, produces the liberty that Jesus promised.  And God’s deliverance is from every yoke!

The earlier a person yokes to Christ the better.  For those of you still unconverted, the love of Jesus is drawing you so that you may drop the yoke of bondage and enjoy the beauty of His goodness.  Child of God, stand fast in the liberty of Christ.  Only HIS yoke is easy!

Reader, which yoke do you wear?  Which master do you serve?