1Corinthians 2.12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

There are only two spirits at work in the lives of mankind today. One is the spirit of the world. The other is The Spirit of God. The spirit of this world gets its values and set of morals from whatever is acceptable to society. There are no absolutes. Every person is free to express their own opinions and to do that which is right in their own eyes. (Unless you are a born again, Spirit filled, Bible believing Christian). The spirit of this world is self centered, pleasure centered and narcissistic. The Spirit of God dwells within those who have repented of their sin and is of divine origin. It has one agenda. That is to conform imperfect people like Ray Viola who admit that they are sinners into the image of Jesus Christ. This work will not be completed until we are in heaven. Thus we are not talking about sinless perfection this side of heaven.
These two spirits are as opposite as day and night. They are incompatible. The spirit of this world is by nature and choice antichrist. The Spirit of God is Jesus Christ. Both spirits drive its own kingdom. One is the kingdom of darkness. The other is the kingdom of light. One is popular. The other is despised. One system exalts man. The other exalts The Living God. One spirit is the mother of all religion. The Holy Spirit is the author of relationship with The Living God, by grace alone through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone. Reader, one of these spirits is shaping your views of right and wrong. Money. Creation. Marriage. Gender. Sex. Values. Dress. Entertainment choices. Reading material. Herein is the challenge before us saints. We cannot be holy or be set apart for Christ, and adapt to the world’s standards and be relative at the same time. If there is no distinction between the two kingdoms, than why did Jesus say we must be born again?
You cannot be a man of the world and a man of God at the same time, any more than you can be a male or a female at the same time. We are not called to be attorneys, but witnesses. We are redeemed sinners who are called to tell other sinners the truth of God and love them with the love of Christ. It is in this world of tension that the follower of Jesus is called to live as an ambassador of God’s light and salt. Light exposes darkness. Salt burns wounds, but also creates a thirst for something to drink. Any dead fish can float downstream, it takes a life fish to swim against the current of this world. As Christians, our mission in this world is to boldly and unashamedly live for Christ share the glorious, life transforming gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ with every creature. That decision will have consequences. There is a price to pay for loving this world, and there is price to pay for following Jesus Christ. Jesus said Count the cost! Beloved, which spirit governs your thinking and decisions?