In the book of James, we learn that the normal Christian life is one that includes both testing and temptation. Brother James makes it very clear that testing and temptation is not a matter of “if”, but when. In other words, every single follower of Jesus can expect and count on being tested and tempted. This fact removes any misconceptions about what a normal walk with Jesus is like.

May it be noted here that a test from a God is meant to bring out the best in us. A temptation, which is a solicitation to evil, and never comes from God, is meant to draw out the worst of us.

In a rather mysterious way, both testing and temptation, when handled properly, will develop Christ-like character and fruit. Whether we realize it or not, when we pray to be more like Jesus, or be used in a God-glorifying way, we can expect to be tested and tempted. Neither divine testing or fleshly temptations are easy or pleasant. Both bring out the reality of that ongoing war between the Spirit and the flesh. Notwithstanding the  providence of God in His divine permission of either testing or temptation, the deciding factor in whether we grow or groan lies squarely in the lap of our choices, for within the sovereignty of God there is the gift of human choice and responsibility.

Beloved, every one of us will face both testings and temptations today. Some more subtle than others. They are much a part of following Jesus as reading His Word, fellowship and prayer. Blessed be The Lord Who has given to us His Word, His armor, and His Spirit that enable us to stand strong in The Lord, and in the power of His might.

James 1.2-15; Ephesians 6.10-18