Although this might sound like a buzz-word from the late 60’s, it is in reality a key ingredient in the life of a church. In the early church, which consisted primarily of Jewish believers, they often gathered together “and had all thing in common.” We see on a smaller scale Peter and John going into the temple together for prayer. Often after a bout of persecution the disciples gathered together and prayed. The evidence of this unity was spectacular!

Mary, the mother of John Mark, opened up her home for people to pray together. We also find that it was the custom of the early church to gather together and break bread on the first day of the week. God’s will for His Church hasn’t changed. He still desires that we “be perfectly joined together” as He has sovereignly tempered us. We are to be working together with Jesus for the souls of men. Oh, how God the Holy Spirit desires to frame, build, and join us together! We should desire to be of “one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel,” as well as to be “knit together in love”.

Interestingly enough, fellowship is not an option; we are commanded to assemble together. If we are to function as a Christ-centered church, we need togetherness. Togetherness means that we balance each other out, recognizing our limitations, gifts and callings, and serve God in that capacity. We refuse to have any spiritual Olympics going on.

What can you do to contribute to this togetherness? Is your home available for prayer? Maybe it’s time to get out of the pew and into the action. How about calling up, writing to, or inviting over for coffee or fellowship someone from church that you know only by a handshake? Let’s reach out together in love. Your personal effort is vital.