The writer to the Hebrews urges us to exhort one another daily, lest any of us be hardened by the deceitfulness, or delusion, of sin. But note that he adds the word, today. Thus, exhorting one another in the faith is something that must be done daily. Please note the two words today and daily, beloved. One commentary commenting on the word today writes, “To- morrow is the day when idle men work, and fools repent. To- morrow is Satan’s to- day; he cares not what good resolutions you form, if only you fix them for to- morrow.* Because we are prone to the ups and downs of life, and all of the emotions and temptations related to it, we learn here that one of the most vital responsibilities of believers is to exhort one another daily. It is almost implied that apart from this much needed exhortation, one will eventually be hardened by the deceitfulness, or delusion of sin.

This highlights the importance of living in close fellowship with other followers of Jesus Christ. Accountability to others.  Close enough where they are able to sense that you are drifting or wandering in your walk because your heart has been hardened by the delusion of sin. When a person’s heart is hardened by sin, they begin to act differently. Their countenance changes. Their desire for the things of The Lord wanes. Their hunger and passion turns to other things for fulfillment. It is at such times that we need a brother or sister to step in and exhort us to consider our ways.

At that point, we are left with only two options. Accept the reproof and repent before The Lord, or, get defensive and disregard the correction and eventually choke the life of the Spirit out of us. Truth be told, every person in the body of Christ needs to be exhorted as well as receive exhortation. If we would do this on a daily basis, as we are told here in Hebrews, the idea is that we can avoid making shipwreck of our faith. Humility before The Lord is the only medicine that can prevent hardness of heart.

Reader, is your heart hardening because of secret sin? The things of this world? Do not live in denial one second longer. May The Holy Spirit use this article to turn you back to The Lord Jesus, and restore you in your walk with not only Him, but others. Blessings.
*JFB on Heb 3.13; Luke 8.14