After Jonathan smote the garrison of the Philistines in 1 Samuel 13, the Scriptures tell us that Saul blew the trumpet! He wanted the accolades of the people; he was seeking power and fame. Remember another time how David was used to win a battle over the Philistines, and the women began singing and dancing, rejoicing over the victory? However, Saul was displeased by the whole scene because he was only given credit for slaying thousands, but David tens of thousands. Pride, envy, jealousy – all within the camp of God’s covenant people.

Do you like to blow your own horn? Do you enjoy telling others how hard you work for the Lord? How many hours you spend doing His will? When someone else is used mightily and you hear the report, what happens in your heart? How awesome it would be if we all were unconcerned about how much notoriety we received. After all, every battle won, every sin overcome, every miracle witnessed is solely the work of our awesome God.

Our victories are, in reality, His gifts to us! We owe all that we have to Jesus. He is the good gift Giver. His favor was the reason for Israel’s victories in the past. The Lord’s favor is the reason for our victories today. How ugly it is when man takes the glory and credit for the work that God does! To GOD be the glory for the great things He has done! Never touch that glory by ‘tooting your own horn’.

Do you see now why pride in man and for man is an abomination to God? Look what God thinks about corrupt man’s ‘Who’s Who’ list. The Corinthians began putting the Lord’s instruments up on pedestals. Every member within the body of Christ is simply an instrument that has been gifted to bless others and bring glory to Christ. We should indeed thank Jesus for each other, and there is a place for encouragement, but may we be quick to give glory to the One to whom it is due. And whenever the trumpet is blown, may only one name be mentioned – Jesus.