The work of God is His sovereign dealing in the provision of salvation and in our personal lives as well. Salvation is not a mixture of grace and works, but is totally the work of God, ‘lest any man should boast.’ Because of this work of God, we are able to do the works of God. You see, the Lord works both in His people and with His people.

To boil it all down to its simplest form, in order to work the works of God we must first believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus finished the work of atonement. The veil of religion was torn the moment Jesus shouted, ‘It is finished’ – literally from the Greek, ‘Paid in full’. Religionists rejoice in the works of their own hands, but their lives are barren and fruitless from an eternal perspective. The gospel of grace, on the other hand, produces a religion that is pure. Our good works indeed follow the good work of God, for every child of God is separated unto a specific work. Likewise, every child of God will do ‘works befitting repentance.’

Again, neither the work of God to which we are called, nor the works accomplished through us are ever a cause for boasting. ‘He that glories, let him glory in the LORD.’ We are not justified by works, but when we are justified we will produce works, and the motivation for our works will be revealed. The only acceptable motivation is love for Jesus Christ. The beauty of God’s work is that it is accomplished in a variety of ways by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dear saints, never tire doing what the Lord has called you to do. He will give to us all the strength we need to do what He has called us to do. He will strengthen us to do His will. Every part of this body of believers is vital to the work that Jesus has called us to do. How encouraging to know that when God begins a work, He will finish it!

As we study the word of God today, may we increase in our knowledge of and love for Him, and be fruitful in every work.