The Bible tells us that there are two kingdoms on the earth today. One, the kingdom of this world, and two, the Kingdom of God. One kingdom is purely physical and temporal; the other is spiritual and eternal. The headship of these two kingdoms are in the control of two lions. One, a lion that devours people, and two, a Lion who died for people.

Satan, the god of this world, has a kingdom that steals, kills, and destroys anyone that embraces it. The wisdom of his kingdom is truly earthly, sensual, and devilish. His kingdom is a kingdom of lust. This lion is destroying individuals, families, nations, and even so-called churches with his lies because he ís the author of lying and murder in all of their forms. He is the wormwood of sexual sin with all of its poisonous effects. He ís the media master evangelizing our homes, magazine racks, and theaters constantly, without let up.

Look at the following he has amassed! Look how many souls have embraced false gospels. Look at the divorce statistics. Check the current AIDS and abortion tallies. Sad but true, look at the people around you who have “tried Jesus” and are now in Satan’s paws, destroying their lives.

But heaven is rejoicing today! Why? Because there is another Lion who became a Lamb and who has prevailed on our behalf. He is center-stage in glory, and He is calling out to mankind, “Come.” This One is also a Shepherd who tells His little flock (that’s us!) that the Father offers them this kingdom of new life. This new kingdom isn’t set up to please me; it’s set up to please God. But, therein is the key to life: to live for the right Lion and kingdom! Those who live for the lion of the earth are living out a prophecy of doom. But for those who know the Lion of the tribe of Judah, God is working and willing for His good pleasure – with a delightful ending!

Lord, save us from the wicked lion’s mouth!

However, if you do not embrace the Lion Jesus’ favor, you will face His wrath. Here’s the choice: choose the Lion who died for you and invites you to dinner, or live for the lion who hates you and be the dinner. After all, there is only one true Lion whose roar will come to pass.