To keep a healthy balance in our walk, it is vitally important that we understand our connection with the Adam that fell through sin and the last Adam, Jesus Christ, who rose in victory. All mankind by natural birth is related to the first Adam. However, to become a part of God’s family we must receive Jesus Christ as Savior. This is what constitutes rebirth. We need to remember that rebirth translates us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Christ, but it doesn’t remove the principle of sin from our lives. In Christ we are new creatures, and a new man. But we still need, through the Spirit, to mortify that old man.

I feel, however, that many of us have a tendency to relate more to the old Adam than to the last Adam. As I reflect on this old man, I see myself for what I really am –¬†hopelessly lost, morally bankrupt, and living under a curse. However, when that old man was quickened by the Lord, I received, by the grace of God and to the glory of my Savior Jesus, a change of standing before God, a change of nature from God, a change of mind about God, a change of life for God, a change of family in God, a change of service to God, and a change of place with God.

May we all endeavor to walk in Christ as opposed to walking in Adam. Jesus has set us free to serve Him with a pure heart and a good conscience, in love and with full assurance of faith.