Isa 2.11 “The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day. 12 For the day of the LORD of hosts [shall be] upon every [one that is] proud and lofty, and upon every [one that is] lifted up; and he shall be brought low:”

It was pride that reduced an anointed cherub to a devil. It is pride that will cause the downfall of any person. Lest we think that being a follower of Jesus Christ exempts us from succumbing to this evil, think again. If pride were no longer an issue for the child of God, than He would not need to warn us an out it, would He? Consider a few passages of Scripture that link pride with judgment. Isaiah 5:15 “And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled: 16 But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in judgment, and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.” Isaiah 13:11 “And I will punish the world for [their] evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” Countless verses could be cited here, but I think we get the point. God detests pride in any way, shape or form.

What tops the list of the seven things that are an abomination in the sight of God in Proverbs 6.16,17? A proud look. Just a glance that is filled with pride disgusts God. When Jesus contrasted the two men praying in the temple, His conclusion was Luke 18:14 “I tell you, this man (the humble publican) went down to his house justified [rather] than the other(the proud Pharisee): for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” In our flesh dwells the root of pride, beloved. God allowed the apostle Paul to be given a thorn in the flesh lest he be lifted up with pride because of the abundance of the revelations he was given. Oh, how prone we are to being “silently” proud when God enables us to overcome some area of sin or be used to bless others with His gifts and talents.

Beloved, pride is a fellowship buster. Pride is a prayer quencher. According to 1 John 2.15, pride is one of the things that makes the world go ’round. Do not coddle pride, choke it. Pride is the anti-God state of mind. Fight it tooth and nail, for in doing so, God will give you the grace that you need for today, for God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.