The saddest person, the loneliest person, the most unfulfilled person is the individual whose life orbits around one thing – self.  How empty, how sad.  To live for the pleasure of self is an indication that one is truly dead.  The only way to be freed of self is through the cross of Jesus Christ.  That is where your perspective of life and purpose for life change.  Whereas you formerly lived on a purely physically-focused and self-fulfilling plane, you are now free to live for God’s pleasure.  Having the mind of Christ through rebirth, we now can look out for the interests of others.

Our example, Jesus, lived to always please the Father, not Himself.  Only when we live to please God can we find true peace, joy and strength.  Paul prayed that we might “walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing”.  As we yield ourselves to the Lord and meekly receive His engrafted word, the net result is God working in us that which is well pleasing in His sight.  However, those who live for the flesh cannot please God.

How glorious to have a blessed confidence that Jesus is working in my life.  He provides the victory over self by giving me many opportunities to serve Him with the ability that He supplies.  Although every and any Spirit-filled believer will have their share of tribulation and suffering, they are rarely depressed for long periods of time because they are living for their Lord and others.

To seek the profit of others brings true prosperity.  The Dead Sea is dead because there is an inflow of water but no outflow.  That symbolizes the self.  In contrast, be like the Jordan River.  Take the things that God gives to you and has blessed you with, and then lovingly and sacrificially impart such things to others.  That’s how we break out of the prison of self.