The Bible tells us what the last days will be like on earth, and we certainly can see the growing display of these evils today.  Of course, we all have to deal with temptation and enemy attacks.  However, in spite of all of this, the children of God are given the Holy Spirit to enable us to walk in victory.

When Jehovah delivered Israel out of Egypt, Scripture says that He made them stronger than their enemies.  Dear saints, no weapon formed against you shall prosper either.  Our God is keeping us by His power.  In fact, He is upholding each one of us right at this very moment.  Of course there are struggles and battles in this life; nevertheless, Jesus Christ is our strength to endure and overcome.  He equips us with strength in our inner man.  What a blessing to know that “the LORD is the strength of my life,” and when my strength level is low, He will replenish it.

We must recognize the fact that unconfessed iniquity will cause us to be weak in spirit.  But we can repent and, with fresh forgiveness, go forward in the Lord.  As you wait patiently at the feet of Jesus, He will renew your strength – guaranteed.  Without the Lord’s enabling, however, nothing can be done; but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Saint, are you in trouble?  The strength of the Lord will sustain you.  Whatever you may be doing or wherever you may be going after you read this article, go in His strength.  Oh how God loves to demonstrate His strength in our weaknesses!  Put the little strength that you have in the Master’s hands and acknowledge, along with the saints in glory, the strength of the Lamb in your life today.  Feed upon the strength of the Lord daily,  then go in the victory of faith in Jesus.

Each one of us can count on the LORD to supply the strength we need day by day.  Therefore, let us walk upon those high places of worship and fellowship with the Lord each and every day.