The Lord Almighty reigns is the declaration of heaven (Revelation 19:6)!

Right now, right where you are, think about that for a moment. Our God, enthroned on high, reigns. Read the words of Scripture and breathe in the wonder of it all. When the prophet Isaiah foretold the coming of The Messiah and His proclamation of good tidings that brings peace, he noted His declaration to Zion would be, “Thy God reigneth!” The Psalmist also proclaimed, “The LORD reigneth; let the people tremble.”

When you observe the decaying “morals” of our society, when you look at the scandals and corruption in high places, and when your heart breaks over the thousands of babies who are murdered every single day in this nation, it doesn’t seem like God is reigning does it? But the timeframe of our study this morning is at the end of this age, as we know it. And despite all of the devastation that takes place on earth during the great tribulation period, the heavenly group of elders declare that The Lord Almighty reigns (Revelation 11:17).

Hallelujah! The Lord Who reigns is clothed in majesty and strength. This is good news! Satan is not in control. Man is not in control.  The Lord God Almighty is in control, and nobody can stop what He purposes  to bring to pass. So this morning we look to The Worthy One Who redeemed us by His blood from the debt of our sin and promised that those who trust in Him would one day reign with Him (Revelation 5:9-10).