One of the most powerful motivations for Christian service and holy Christian living is the fact that every single believer is going to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Sin and salvation will not be the subject of that Judgment, for Jesus Christ bore all of our sin and judgment on His cross.

At the Judgment Seat of Christ, every believer will stand before The Lord Jesus as stewards of the time, resources, opportunities, and talents that He gave to us. At that Judgment we will give an account of how we lived out our faith in Jesus from the moment of conversion to the moment of death. Every deed that we did in His Name will be tried by fire and reveal the real motive for why we did what we did and who we did it for. Every idle word that we speak in secret or in public to somebody or about somebody will be brought out into the light on that day.

The outcome of that Judgment will be rewards for service done with the right motives and for the glory of God, and loss for those things that were done allegedly for the glory of God, when in fact they were done for selfish motives or to impress others. The gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ does not diminish the importance of diligence and obedience in the discharge of our God-given time, resources, and talents.

May we live our lives and serve our Master with holy motives that please The Lord and bring Him glory. Selah.