The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a person and is very actively involved in our lives.  In fact, we would not be Christians if it hadn’t been for the Spirit’s conviction, and we would not have a guarantee of our inheritance if it weren’t for the Spirit’s seal.  We have been baptized by the Spirit into the body of Christ.  Just as the Holy Spirit brought order out of chaos in the creation account, so too He works in the life of the saints.  The Holy Spirit is God, and His name is referred to in the “Great Commission”.

Not surprisingly, false teachers attempt to reduce the Spirit of God to a force or power.  Some refer to Him as divine energy or influence, but the word of God does not say those things at all.  The Holy Spirit has the attributes of a person.  He has a mind that searches things out, and He has a will that is exercised in the distribution of every spiritual gift.

He leads His children, and at times He forbids.  He speaks to us.  He loves us and when we shun His promptings and “do our own thing”, He grieves.  As God, He reflects the personality and attributes of God.  He’s everywhere; He’s all-knowing; and He is all-powerful.  The Eternal Spirit is His name!

To think that He dwells inside of you and me is truly amazing.  We “house” the Lord!  What an awesome truth — clay pots filled with treasure.  You can be sure that if Jesus, as Son of Man, had “need” of the Holy Spirit to be upon Him, we certainly do.  Before we go to evangelize, we first need to wait for the power that God’s Spirit provides.

So, as we go about our Father’s business today, may we consider that the will and ability to do the work, as well as the resulting fruit are attributable to none other than our blessed God the Spirit.