The human heart is likened to the ground in Scripture. We see this most evident in Jesus’ parable of the sower. This parable explains that the fruit that comes out of a life depends upon the condition of that person’s heart. A heart can be hard, without depth, cluttered, or good and honest. Apparently the word of God in and of itself does not produce fruit unless there is the proper “soil” for it to germinate and grow in.

Israel and Judah had drifted from the Lord. They began to walk after vain things. Instead of a constant flow of living waters, their lives became broken and dry. How could they return to that full, rich, loving fellowship with their God? By breaking up the fallow ground of their hearts. The fallow ground is that dormant, untilled, inactive soil.

For the Spirit of God to flow freely, we must guard against areas of hardness toward God’s word, and against having our gifts and talents remain dormant.

Good gardens don’t just happen, do they? They require attention, weeding, proper sunlight, sufficient watering. Likewise, you and I must also tend to the garden of our hearts with all diligence. The men of Judah got distracted with other things and sowed among the thorns. Jesus tells us that those thorns are the “cares, riches, and pleasures of life”. The prophet Hosea encourages us to continue tilling the sod of our hearts in seeking the Lord. God wants our lives fruitful. He does not want weeds that are the fruit of lies.

As our seasons change, may Jesus help each of us to continue sowing His word in good and honest soil. A sure harvest awaits us as we yield to our Lord’s providential gardening.