When Barnabas saw the changed lives in Antioch, he knew that the cause for the change was the grace of God. They had received, through Jesus Christ, God’s measure of grace unto salvation. Even the ability to share the gospel in a dynamic way is due to the grace of God. Grace, not me! Grace, not feelings! Beloved, we not only begin our salvation by grace, we continue in our salvation by grace. “Having begun in the Spirit, are (we) now being made perfect by the flesh?” A thousand times, NO!! It is grace from start to finish. It is grace that enables us even to believe. This eliminates boasting and gives all the praise and glory to God. Paul said that his entire life was given over to Jesus and to His gospel of grace.

Oh fumbling saint, lonely saint, weary saint, let the Word of God’s unconditional grace through Jesus Christ build you up today and re-establish your heart. Meditate on the Scriptures referenced below and let the Holy Spirit speak to you today.

How I love those Siamese twins of Scripture, grace and peace! Don’t you? No grace, no peace; know grace, know peace. That freeing, justifying grace that has paid for my sins through Jesus Christ. Where sin abounds, God’s grace has abounded even more. Don’t misunderstand the Lord. This grace isn’t license to sin but is deliverance from sin and death and bondage. All that we are and all that we will ever become is due to God’s grace. All that we’ll ever need to face the difficulties and disappointments in life can be summed up in these words: “My grace is sufficient for you”.

Don’t frustrate this wonderful grace; embrace it. Allow God’s grace right now to bathe your spirit in a new dynamic way. Let it remove that load of perfectionism. Let it remove that cloud of uncertainty. Let it remind you, true believer, that you are saved. God has given to every one of His children a provision of grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Let’s not receive that grace in vain. Check out the final verse in Scripture. How do you spell eternal security? G-R-A-C-E.