On Paul’s second missionary journey, the Spirit of God leads him to plant a church in the middle of “sin city”, Corinth. Morally speaking, you could get no lower than in Corinth. Spiritually speaking, you could get no more pagan and superstitious than Corinth. Materially speaking, you could get no more covetous and materialistic than at Corinth. Educationally speaking, you could get no more sophisticated than at Corinth. So what is the greatest need of this city and cities like it today? The gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we journey through this epistle of Paul to the church at Corinth, we find just how practical God’s Word is. Issues like morality, marriage, Christian Liberty, spiritual gifts, the resurrection of the dead and much more will be covered. We will learn what real love looks like. We will be challenged, we will be convicted, we will think at times that Paul was writing this letter to the church in today’s world. But as hard hitting and controversial as this book will be at times, we need to keep in mind that what drives Paul to write such a letter is not anger, but the love of God. For God so loved the world. Yes, even cities like Las Vegas, Hollywood, Rochester. The only hope for fallen man is Jesus Christ. The only message that can change a person’s world is the heart changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Only the love of Christ can overcome the glitter and glamor of Corinth. Have you tasted that The Lord is good?