This title sounds more like a science-fiction movie than a Biblical theme, doesn’t it?  However, we find the Scriptures mentioning light, illumination or glowing quite a bit.  Of course, the source of all light (except that which is meant to deceive, of course) is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Godhead will shine so brightly in glory that there will be no need for any created or artificial light.

In the New Testament, believers are likened to lights on a hill; lights in the midst of this twisted world system.  To be effective lights I believe the glow factor in Moses’ life is the key element.  In Exodus we read that Moses fellowshipped with Jehovah for forty days and nights.  Supernaturally sustained by God, he neither ate food nor drank water during this retreat, but one visible result was that the skin of his face shone.  Why did Moses glow?  Because he spent time with the Lord, alone.  Private time, intimate time, no distractions.

Think about this.  Moses we know was married with children, in addition to having a small congregation of around three million!  Do you think he could have explained away the need to get alone with God, being too busy perhaps?  I’m sure he could (and maybe with some Bible-versed support, like we might do).  But do you know what?  I’m sure that neither he nor you and I could be of any significant usefulness apart from (let’s call it) glow time.  Too often we go to work, school, and even church with the wrong glow – the glow of anger or unrest, perhaps.  How much we miss out on by ignoring that time with our Shepherd.  Don’t you agree?  This, sitting at Jesus’ feet with an open Bible and worshipful heart, is the one necessary thing if we are to glow for Him.

Your flesh won’t inspire you to go to the mercy seat of God; your job won’t, and in some cases your family won’t either.  Nevertheless, we must spend time with the Lord if we intend to be used mightily by the Lord.  Worshiping, confessing our sins, meditating upon Him and His Kingdom are spiritual logs that kindle the glow of God’s Spirit within our hearts and lives.

The Jewish leaders noticed Stephen’s glow.  Your family, school-mates, or co-workers will notice your glow.  May the Lord’s face shine upon you more and more.