Jesus Christ has set before us two invitations in Scripture. The first is the call to salvation, Come to Me. The objective of God the Holy Ghost is to make you and me disciples of Jesus Christ. We are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, imitate Him, think like Him. If we say that we abide in Him, we ought also to walk even as He walked. Although Scripture teaches us to gather together for fellowship and spiritual growth, there comes a time when we also need to be individually weaned by God.

Paul experienced a time when he was abandoned by everyone, including fellow laborers. However, the Lord, blessed be His Name, did not abandon Paul. And do you know what? He won’t abandon you either. What was it that kept Paul afloat when others went adrift and left him in prison? His fellowship with Jesus; that is, his not only coming to Him, but also abiding in Him. It’s one thing to come to Christ, but we also need to respond to our Lord’s second invitation and abide in Him. As we learn of Him and humbly resign ourselves to Biblical responses to both His providential and revealed will, we too are strengthened by Christ.

Although we need each other and should endeavor to help each other, we cannot afford to become spiritual hitch-hikers. Every man must bear his own load and prove the depth of his or her faith. God faithfully tests us for our benefit. The divine paradox of discipleship is our calling not to be independent, while all the time not being dependent on anyone but Jesus. Our expectation must always come from Him. My prayer is that your faith would grow exceedingly, producing that fruit that shows that you and I have been truly abiding in the living God!