Ezek 14.23 And ye shall know that I have not done without cause all that I have done in it, saith the Lord GOD.

The Sovereign Lord has told Ezekiel that because of the idolatry of His people, instead of answered prayer, they would be facing severe consequences of divine judgment. A close observance of Scripture reveals that in one sense, God measures time morally. By that I mean that there are significant places in Scripture where mans stubborn rebellion and idolatry incites the anger of God, with devastating consequences. These themes of idolatry and judgment run rampant throughout the pre-explicit books of the prophets. Does the coming of Christ and His sacrifice on the cross dismiss those who call upon His Name from observing the timeless moral law of God? Is murder, adultery, stealing, bearing false witness, covetousness and idolatry no longer a sin of of any concern before God Almighty?

Do not be deceived, beloved. Grace is not a license or approval of God to live in known sin and rebellion. “Don’t judge me bro!” Is the contemporary mantra of carnal, liberal, lawless “saints” who believe that “accepting Jesus” means that I am scott free from any moral commitment to Him according to His Word.

God told Ezekiel that the devastation that he was observing among His people was not done without a cause. The judgment of God upon any person or country is caused by their live of self, which is idolatry, and repeated neglect of the moral boundaries of His Word. Nobody hardens their heart against The Lord and prospers. God’s love is wrapped up God’s commandments. We observe them for our good and His glory. We disobey them to our demise. May God grant a revival amongst His people to stem this flow of iniquity and idolatry within our country and His church.