One of the titles for Jesus is Counselor.  In fact, since the comma is not in the original text, this title could read “Wonderful Counselor”, and it reveals to us a part of God’s nature, which is His desire and ability to counsel us.  Some of the synonyms for the verb “to counsel” are: advise, encourage, instruct, direct, warn, support, help, guide, and assist.  Wow!  That’s what our God wants to do, and is able to do for us, and because He is God, that should not surprise us.  David declared, “I will bless the Lord, who has given me counsel.”  No wonder we are called blessed (or happy) when we reject the counsel of the ungodly, because it eventually amounts to nothing.

Oh the grief that follows rejection of the word of God!  It is our fallen human nature that desires to walk according to our own lusts.  Any time that we choose our way over God’s, that’s pride, and pride produces shame.  A woe is pronounced upon those who try to hide their rebellious plans from the Lord.  Will any of us who have challenged God argue with that?

Oh that we might grasp the truth that Jesus is both ready and willing to counsel us, and is grieved when we reject Him!  Furthermore, we can be sure that His counsel will never lead us astray.  Christian, we are in a war zone, and it’s only by God’s wise counsel that we can successfully make war.  There is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against the LORD.”

Do you think you are smarter than God We are forgetful and impatient.

Dear saint, never tell God that He doesn’t understand because He most certainly does.  He has the full picture, not you.  If you and I were at Calvary, years ago, we would have called God cruel, unfair and mean.  We also would have no eternal alternative but hell.  It’s when we listen to ourselves that we are “cast down”, we fail.  In contrast, the person who lives on the Rock of the word and the word of the Rock shall stand.

Let’s learn to listen to God’s voice, whether it be through His word, a song, or a fellow saint.  God’s word is God’s counsel.  The Lord’s counsel will be tried in the fires of life, but the richness that results from it cannot be valued highly enough.