Isa 46:6  They lavish gold out of the bag, and weigh silver in the balance, and hire a goldsmith; and he maketh it a god: they fall down, yea, they worship.

Would you note this morning that serving God or serving self will be costly. The question is not if I will serve something or someone, but what. Jehovah here is pleading with His people to remember Who He is, and how He has carried them. But they are forgetful and floundering. The irony of it all. They are making gods that they have to carry instead of worshipping the only True God Who has carried them and provided for them!

Beloved, the bible tells us that covetousness, or self-centeredness is idolatry. Idolatry is expensive, dear ones. The people of God are here described by Isaiah as making gods out of gold, and then bowing down and worshipping them. The implication is that they have little or no interest in obeying or worshipping God, but they spare no expense in worshipping the god of their own making. How sad. How tragic. How blind. But oh how true! People will take the time and spare no expense at worshipping their god. You know that to be true, but more importantly, God knows that to be true. Consider this truth with me for a moment.

God has commanded us to work as His means of providing for our personal and family needs. Thus, there are basic “musts” in life that require our time and expense. As a Christian, every aspect of life is to be lived as an act of worship of Christ. But is it possible for someone to fall into a form of idolatry as a alleged follower of Jesus Christ? Consider this beloved. Like Israel, it is very possible for a person to hold on to a verbal assertion of orthodox beliefs, “go to church”, and yet be guilty of idolatry and denying God His due.

Malachi pronounced a word of rebuke towards God’s people because they were giving Him leftovers, while sparing no expense to worship their false gods. It never ceases to amaze how many church people have little or no time to participate in fellowship at their local church, but they have the time for concerts or any other social or sporting event. They cannot “afford” to give to The Lord’s work, but they can afford gym membership or club membership. Oh how easy it is for us to justify spending countless hours “needing” to do this or that during the week, and then justify forsaking the fellowship with the saints on the weekend. Beloved, I do not say this to “force” you to attend church. I say this to examine your heart’s desires and motives.

Both writer and reader alike know that we will always make the time and effort to do what is important to us. The heart will always make a convert of the mind. God fully understands our busyness and daily demands within the realm of biblical responsibility. Take some time to look at your personal or family calendar, and ask yourself this question. Do I/we sit down and plan out our schedules around seeking first the kingdom of God? Prayer time. Reading God’s Word. Fellowship with other saints and serving at our local church?  Or do we fill the week and month up with this event or that event, and if there is any time left over, we will consider the things of God. Following Jesus or serving other gods is costly. Choose wisely beloved, choose wisely.