Proverbs 21.16 The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.

There are two congregations on planet earth. There is the congregation of the twice born followers of The Lord Jesus Christ. And there is the congregation of the dead. The congregation of the dead consists of religious people, atheists, good people, naughty people, intelligent people and so on and so forth. The congregation of the dead practice their empty religious rituals. They have their own array of music, fashion and what they call entertainment.

The Head of the congregation of justified sinners is The Lord Jesus Christ. He is their bread, their song, their treasure and their delight. The head of the congregation of the dead is the God of this world system, the devil. The whole world system, John tells us, lies in wickedness. When the prodigal left his father’s house, he dwelt among the congregation of the dead. He fed off of unclean things. Contrary to the 24 hour a day, 7 days a week blitz of television programming and false advertising, Psalm 1 tells us not to seek or desire the wisdom, fellowship or pleasures of the congregation of the dead. Jesus is not the God of the dead, but The God of the living. The lusts of the flesh craves the manna of the congregation of the dead, its quick “high”, its immediate gratification. But the ends thereof are death. Fleshly lusts war against your eternal soul, beloved.

Reader, are you beginning to wander away from following hard after Jesus? Are you warming your hands and finding your fulfillment in the enemy’s camp? Is the music you delight in strange fire to Him? Look to Jesus this morning. He is the fountain of life that refreshes. He is the bread of heaven that satisfies. He is the Treasure at the end of the “proverbial” rainbow. He is life and that more abundantly!