Psa 33:15  He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works.

God has made all men basically alike. Oh, we may talk differently and dress differently, and eat different foods, but we are basically the same. We are all born “in Adam”. We are all born with a propensity to cover our sin nature with fig leaves of religion, philosophy or good works. As the Psalmist says, God has fashioned our hearts alike. We all need to be loved. We all want to find acceptance. No matter what the color or our skin or ethnic background, when we get cut, we all bleed red blood. We smile at things that make us laugh or bring us happiness. We cry at things that make us sad.

Knowing this commonality of humanity, Jesus Christ tells us that there is one gospel for all mankind. There is not an Italian gospel, Iranian gospel, African gospel. There is only one gospel and One Savior for all man. Which brings me to another thing all mankind has in common. It is sin. Even in the most tribal and backward civilizations, there is a code of right and wrong written upon their consciences. The wages of sin is death, or separation from God. Thus, the most needful and loving message that the church can proclaim in any nation is the life transforming, sin forgiving gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus transcends all cultures and ethnicity distinctions.

I am not advocating a “bull in the china” shop, Rambo kind of evangelism. As Christians, we are called to live lives that reveal the love of Christ towards all of His creation in practical ways. But those practical expressions of love are no substitute for the proclamation of the bible. We do not have to look that far to find things that we have in common with those closest to us or with a perfect stranger. We all experience that opening verses of Ecclesiastes 11. God’s answer to pain, sorrow and death? The gospel of Jesus Christ. Love it. Proclaim it. Love those with whom you share it for Jesus sake and His glory.