We read in Hebrews 11:27 that Moses endured because he “saw” Him who is invisible. When this same writer is encouraging the saints to press on, he tells them to look unto Jesus and His example of enduring. Endurance is the God-given ability every child of God receives to withstand hardship or stress. It is important to see beyond the hardship to the “morning after”. False possessors can only endure for a time, whereas Spirit-filled followers of Christ will endure unto the end.

The Thessalonian believers were commended for their enduring faith and patience in all of their persecutions and tribulations. Paul told young Timothy to “endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Paul himself saw beyond his difficulties and he endured for the elect’s sake. His godly example would encourage the saints to trust God no matter what the trial.

Face it, we will all have seasons when we will have to endure afflictions. Sometimes these afflictions are God’s chastening, and God’s correction is proof that we are His children, so once again the exhortation is to endure. James writes about those who spoke up for the Lord and suffered the resulting affliction patiently. The net result? “Indeed we count them blessed (happy) who endure.” There are times when we are going to have to endure wrong treatment.

Perhaps part of our problem with life’s adversities is that we think that we are supposed to enjoy the difficulty. No! Our joy is in the Lord and His strength, not the trial. Hold your ground. Hold your tongue. Purpose to do what is right. Endure the storm with the assurance that Jesus is in control.