A very important part of any Christian life is self examination. Of course, it is only by the power of God’s Spirit that we can perform this task. We can very easily ‘cruise’ in our Christianity. By that I mean that it can become a mechanical duty, as opposed to a living fellowship with Jesus. We can do all the right things, but lack the real heart and joy that the Lord desires for us to have in serving Him.

Then there is another aspect to drifting away. We begin to neglect spending quality time with the Lord, and it begins to reveal itself in the way that we talk and act. Before we partake of communion, may the words of Haggai the prophet help us evaluate where our heart is at with the Lord. ‘Consider your ways!’

If you are married, how is your relationship with your spouse? I know that there are always those who are in relationships that are exceptions to the norm; but for you today, Mr. Christian man and woman, how do you fit in with God’s will for your marriage? Do not make excuses, but consider your ways – your attitudes, actions. What is your attitude toward your children? Whether you’re an employee or employer, what kind of witness do you have at work?

You children who have living parents, are you honoring, respecting them? Even if they are unsaved, are you showing and sharing Christ’s love with them? How is your relationship with your siblings? With others within the church family? What about your witness at school?

You see, when I think of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross it not only reminds me of the price that was paid for my sins, it also reminds me of the price that was paid that I might now live for Christ, and not myself. May each of us allow the love of Jesus, past, present, and future, to set our hearts ablaze once more.

Which path are you on today? The old path, or, the broad path? Put off the old man and put on the new man today!