The very last book in the Bible is properly titled ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ,’ although the entire canon of Scripture records this truth. Human knowledge cannot know the things of the Spirit, but they come to us by revelation. God reveals to us these things ‘that pertain to life and godliness,’ leaving secret things as confidential information privy only to the Holy Trinity.

How we, as followers of Jesus, continually need fresh revelation of our Lord! The word revelation means ‘a disclosure, and unveiling’. Peter didn’t know that Jesus was the Messiah through his own human efforts, but God disclosed that knowledge to him. As a young boy, Samuel did not have an intimate relationship with Jehovah because the LORD had not yet revealed His word to him. However, ‘the LORD revealed Himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the LORD.’ Our greatest need as believers is to sit at the feet of Jesus and meditate on Him and His word until He reveals to us afresh His glory.

Revelation knowledge doesn’t come to us through our five senses. God wants us to call upon Him in order that He may reveal to us things that would not otherwise be known. For example, many times in drawing near to Christ, we are convicted of sin and, of course, we confess to Him and receive His forgiveness. However, with that repentance comes the revelation of His ‘abundance of peace and truth.’

The awesome prophecies of the last days came to Daniel through revelation. God’s plan of redemption has been fully revealed, and we must reject any other. If a ‘revelation’ is new, it’s not true, and if it’s true, it’s not new!

May God’s grace create in our hearts the child-like innocence and hunger for Him that receives revelation knowledge, counsel, and direction. The suffering we experience for faithfully following Christ’s commands can’t begin to compare with the glory that will be revealed in us. Revelation and intimacy with Jesus bear the fruit that lasts forever – love.