Psalm 116:7 is a very comforting passage from God’s Word. The writer, full of thanks due to God’s graciousness to answer prayer, is reminding himself in the midst of the Lord’s blessings to return unto his rest. Jesus wants His sheep to experience rest ñ rest from works, rest from anxiety.

Our tendency is to get worked up, bent out of shape, etc. To labor in the Lord is one thing, and we are exhorted to do so. But to labor in the flesh – i.e., attempting to work things out in human wisdom and strength – is definitely not God’s will. The flesh (man’s unregenerate nature) profits nothing!

We can readily see that to return unto thy rest means to turn your situation, your fear, your need over to Jesus – really trusting in Him to work things out. There is rest and peace that passes understanding when we truly take things to our Lord in prayer. He asked Jeremiah, Is there anything too hard for Me? I ask you today, holy brethren, those committed to Jesus Christ: Is Christ able to answer that prayer or meet that need you have? Of course He is.

Psalm 37:7 tells us to first of all rest in the Lord. Get alone with Jesus; pour out your heart to Him. He loves you and invites you to come to Him. Secondly, David writes, wait patiently for Him. In other words, do all that you know you are responsible to do, but when you’ve done it all, get out of the way and let Jesus have His perfect way in your situation. He’s perfecting something in your life; He’s changing you from glory to glory; He’s maturing His agape love in your life. Jesus wants us to find rest in Him. Realize that He chastens and teaches us that we may find rest from the days of adversity.

Are you weary of the battle? Are you overwhelmed with circumstances? Are you on the verge of taking matters into your own hands? Are you tired of waiting on the Lord? STOP! He who cried, It is finished didn’t quit on you then; neither will He now.