In 2 Chronicles 15, the Spirit of God spoke through Azariah to King Asa about the need to cleanse the nation of its idols, and to return to a pure worship of the LORD. The promise was given that if Asa and all his countrymen would seek the Lord, He would be found of them, but, if they forsook the Lord, He would forsake them.

Today, we are exhorted by the Lord to examine our hearts. Ask the Holy Spirit to search you today. Allow Him to speak to your heart about attitudes toward Him and your fellow Christians. As He brings to light any areas of leaven, with godly sorrow confess those sins and receive His cleansing and forgiveness.

Just like Asa needed to renew the altar of the Lord, we must renew our vows to Him, and reestablish His kingship over the altar of our hearts. As the nation jointly covenanted to wholeheartedly seek the will of the Lord God, praise and worship was restored and idols were torn down. Should we not desire this same work of God’s Spirit within us individually and upon us as a congregation?

As we draw near to God, He draws near to us. Drawing near to Jesus is the answer for our deepest needs today. As we eat the bread and drink the cup, we do so remembering the price Jesus paid to remove our sin debt and to restore us to fellowship with Him. May Christ’s holy presence cause us today to understand His indescribable gift of salvation and His tremendous love.

Lord God, create in us those hearts and spirits that You so desire.