I get concerned whenever there is any movement for religious freedom under the umbrella of a secular government.  Will fighting for constitutional rights really grant to born-again Christians religious freedom?  Yes, we should do all that we can within the system to bring about moral changes, but you cannot legislate Christianity or morality.  True freedom is found by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Both Paul and Daniel had as much religious freedom in prison, because of their faith, as they did out of prison, living their faith.

All government is set in place under the sovereign government of God, whether it be a republic, a monarchy, or a dictatorship ruling in a military state.  The God of Scripture is the one who has ordained these governments, as He wills.  When Peter exhorted His fellow believers to submit to their government and honor their king, he was referring to the cruel Roman government and its tyrant, Caesar!  Christians should be model citizens until the government demands that they do something that would violate the law of God.

Saints, our government’s constitution is not our Bible.  Our First Amendment protects the freedom of “religion”, and that includes any cult whatsoever!  Did it ever occur to you that a Christian in the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia has Romans in their Bible and, like you and me, must submit to their government until it demands disobedience to God?  I believe prayer is far more effective than picketing.  Do you pray for our government leaders, as God says we should?

Consider how Jesus responded to his “tax bill”.  Remember how Jesus replied to the trick question about giving Caesar “his due”.  The only government that will truly succeed will be the Kingdom established when Jesus rules upon His throne, during the millennium.  But what should we do as United States Christians, nothing?  Absolutely not!  We pray for our government; we exercise our constitutional rights, keeping in mind that any other religious group has a “right” to do the same.  We vote, sign petitions, etc., to make our voice heard and our viewpoint known.  Keep in mind, though, there is no such thing as a Christian nation; we are simply a nation with Christians in it.

If you want someone to experience religious freedom, give them the gospel.  That will set everyone free.  Governments may restrict liberty, but we need freedom from sin.  And whosoever desires can have this free gift, no matter where they live and despite the government that is in place.