It is very common for people to refer to Christians as being “religious.” I am sure that the context of that statement is coupled with thoughts of beads, and statues and passing an offering plate. They usually think of someone being religious as a person who keeps the mandatory rules of church membership or the sacraments. While those things in and of themselves may not be bad, if interpreted through the meaning and lens of Scripture. But, to say that a Christian is religious is missing the mark totally.

A born again Christian is a person who has been regenerated by The Spirit of God, by virtue of God’s grace, through faith in the sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, his burial and bodily resurrection from the dead. In other words, a born again Christian has entered into a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ, that is just as real as the relationship the apostles and other saints that we read about in the Bible. Thus, pure, organic Christianity is a relationship with God The Father (NOT the Godfather!!), by grace, through faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of The Holy Spirit. This relationship transcends denominations, is not a matter of membership. It is the gift of a willing and redeeming God to a repentant and willing sinner that trusts in Christ. Is that you?