As we come to the end of another year, may we thank our Lord Jesus once again for His faithfulness towards us. His mercies have sustained us and His grace has enabled us to do His will.

As we reflect on the chapter of 2016 in our lives, hopefully we have seen progress in our intimacy with Jesus and practical expressions of faith in Jesus. But that chapter is just about over. May we learn whatever lessons the Lord laid before us, and may we afresh set our hearts in the direction of obedience to the will of God. This we know for sure, Jesus is closer to making His glorious appearance than ever before.

How much more vital it is then for us to be gathering together and sharpening one another in the things of the Lord. How critical it is for us to look at the fields and get the good news out. We can’t go forward by looking backwards.

We’ve won and we’ve lost; we’ve cried and we’ve laughed in 2016. We’ve seen some go to heaven, and we’ve dedicated others as new gifts from heaven. Much has changed, but yet Jesus remains the same. Look to Him as chapter 2017 begins, for your times are in His Hands.