Psalm 18.30 As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

Following Jesus is not some kind of a pie in the sky experience that is free of effort or opposition. There are those whose concept of grace is cheap and anemic. They have “said the sinners prayer”, but there is hunger for God at all. No desire to either hear or read God’s Word. No desire to gather together with “those hypocrites” who call themselves Christians. No putting God’s money to support any work of God or person in need where their alleged “profession of faith is”.

Nowhere in Scripture does God promise to save the unbelieving. Nowhere in Scripture does God “perform magic” to make bad things go away, and good things appear. The just shall live by faith, and if you are not living by faith, I question whether you are just. God’s ways are perfect. They were perfect for every person mentioned in Hebrews 11, even those sawn asunder, not just the “heroic” or more “famous” people. Beloved, living according to God’s Word will be tried by our fallen ideas, contrary circumstances and flat out flesh-driven desires. Almighty God is only a buckler to those that trust in Him. Read the whole verse. He’s not a buckler to the partying saint? The lukewarm saint? The “Christian adulterer”?

Beloved, will you trust Him today regardless of how you feel or what you see? Will you trust Him no matter how dark the pit, or how impossible the situation? The gospel is not simply a message to be believed, it is a message to be obeyed. Look to the cross for the power to obey God in the heat of the battle or in the moment of temptation or testing. Nothing can destroy those that trust in Christ, for His victory is ours. And His way is always perfect!