“Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord!” Note carefully that God guarantees that those who do His word2 will be blessed. Secondly, notice that it’s only those who seek Him wholeheartedly who experience this. No reservations, no stop sign areas waved before the Holy Spirit.

Six times in this wonderful psalm our wholeheartedness is required. It really is the only way to approach Jesus. He wants our undivided attention! Isn’t that amazing? Whether it be our need for understanding, or a plea for mercy, our only appropriate approach is a whole-hearted one. To be obedient to the word and will of God necessitates our total being. To get God’s ear demands our whole heart. According to Jesus, the heart and one’s treasure are connected.

How quickly we find out the treasures in our heart when our circumstances crumble around us. Nothing less than a wholehearted devotion to God will withstand the storms of life. Oh how each one of us could use a bath in the 119th Psalm, a fresh cleansing from the fountain of God’s word.

What joy we bring to Abba when we worship Him from our hearts! What protection and strength we receive when we hide God’s word in our heart! When I read such verses as these, I too as the psalmist look to God to enlarge my heart. With so many things out in the world that can demand my time, my eye, my attention, how I must pray that my heart would follow His ways and not mine. Let us never forget that our hearts, apart from the Spirit of God, are as fat as grease, callused and unfeeling.

May the Lord Jesus give us sound, blameless hearts that rejoice in His statutes. Let us not forget that when we get up from our knees, we must then incline our hearts to walk according to His word. The last part of Psalm 119:161 reads: But my heart stands in awe of your words. May that verse refer to both you and me today!