In the gospel of Luke chapter 11, the disciples said to Jesus, Lord, teach us to pray. Amen. Our next “one another” is found in James 5.16, and admonition is to pray. In fact, there are seven references to prayer in James 5.13-18. Is any among us afflicted today? Affliction speaks of going through hardships or difficulties. Let them pray. Is any sick among us today? That would mean anything from a common cold to a life threatening disease, call for the elders of the church and be anointed with oil in the Name of The Lord? Are any of you dealing with some troubling sin in your life? Share that with someone, and let him or her pray that God would heal you.

Do you understand what God is saying to us? Will we take Him at His Word? According to the Word of God, the immediate response to the hardships, troubles or manifold afflictions in life is prayer. Spirit directed and Spirit filled prayer with one another and prayer for one another is the means that God uses to bring about His will and purposes in our lives.

Jesus said that His house would be called a house of prayer. We also learn from Jesus that the purpose of prayer is that God’s will, not ours be done on earth as it is in heaven. The church that prays together will stand together and grow in grace together. A unified, effectual fervent praying church is the most powerful conduit that unleashes God’s power, presence and peace amongst. Lord Jesus, teach us to pray.