Isaiah 32:17 “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.”

Good morning, loved ones. I am actually writing this devotional while waiting for some blood work to be taken. I did not mention that to make you feel sad for me. I mentioned that because of three words in one of my Scripture readings this morning. Peace, quietness and assurance. It’s kind of unnerving to have someone poke a needle in your arm early in the morning, but in Christ Jesus, no matter what life pokes at you, we can have God’s peace, God’s quietness and God’s assurance.

Perhaps today, you will more than likely encounter situations that are difficult, disturbing and depressing. Those are inevitable experiences of life on this fallen planet of ours. However, in the midst of any and every situation, remember that in Christ you have a peace, quietness and assurance that is not of this world. Think about those three words for a moment beloved. Now attach the Name of Jesus to each of those words. A Jesus centered peace. A Jesus centered quietness. A Jesus centered assurance. How precious! How true!

May The Lord of glory cause you to experience His “trinity” of blessings in a real and rich way today. Peace, quietness and assurance, even in the midst of the storms or surprises this day may bring. Bless you, dear ones.