In our study today we see the Lord suggesting to His disciples that they all cross over to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. After beginning their journey, the disciples experienced a great storm. Their boat was being rocked to and fro. The boat itself was being filled with water. As they start to sink they cried out in desperation, ‘Lord, save us! We are perishing!’

Contrast the anxiety, tension, and fear of the disciples with our Lord Jesus. While all of this is taking place, He is in the stern of the ship sleeping. Please note how the apostles misread Jesus’ sleeping as a lack of care for them. This true story has many practical applications for contemporary followers of Jesus.

For one thing, Jesus has promised eternal life to those who have come to Him for salvation. Having this promise, we begin to travel with Jesus. However, we too face storms. These storms can be the trials of physical suffering, or they may be the turmoil of ever-changing finances. For some they may be the conflict of being unequally yoked. There are numerous types of storms that we face as disciples of Jesus.

Are you facing a storm right now? Are you misinterpreting the Lord’s ‘silence’ as a lack of concern for you? Remember, dear saints, that storms are part of the normal Christian life. God does not send or allow the storms in order to destroy our faith in Jesus, but to develop it.

No matter what you think or feel, Jesus does care for you, and His word declares that He is ‘a very present help in trouble.’ David even testified that God drew him ‘out of many waters.’

Storm or not, you are in the presence of Jesus. He repeatedly brings us to that place where we are about to sink, only to deliver us and display His power and wonderful love.

Why don’t you put yourself into the disciples’ boat today? The end of their adventure is yours as well. Peace is not the absence of storms, but it’s the presence of Jesus. Trust Him wholeheartedly today.