Confession of your faith in Jesus Christ is both edifying and fruitful.  When we confess Jesus before men (saved and unsaved), He confesses us before our heavenly Father.  There is what is called the confessional aspect of salvation,  and our testimony is a vital part of our walk.  Read how the Tribulation saints will prevail by their testimony.

  • Paul said, “I believed, therefore have I spoken.”   In Timothy, note what our brother Paul confessed: his thankfulness to God in serving Him with a pure conscience.  When your conscience disrupts you, God is trying to draw your attention to an area of sin or of need.  Only the sacrifice of Jesus Christ can cleanse a man’s conscience.  However, it is our duty to exercise ourselves unto godliness in order to maintain a clear conscience.
  • “I also suffer these things”.  We all experience suffering to some degree in our walk with Christ.  It is a choice as well as a privilege.  To enter into “the fellowship of His sufferings” is the deepest, most intimate experience for a disciple of Christ because “as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ.”
  • “I am not ashamed”.  We should be proud of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and His powerful gospel of salvation. Too many of us take the words of Christ about being ashamed of Him too lightly.  Jesus is not ashamed of us, but how will we feel at His coming? 
  • “I know whom I have believed”.  Paul knew Jesus, personally.  Do you have the Son today?  Are you born again of God’s incorruptible seed?  Any and all religion is dung if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • “I have committed to Him”.  Committed what?  His soul.  Have you truly committed your life to Jesus Christ?  A genuine confession of faith will result in a visible expression of faith, which has as its root God’s powerful agape love.

When the tongues in our shoes match the tongue in our mouth, that is evidence of a true confession of faith.